Roofless, Homeless, but Not Hopeless

It's already a month after the devastating typhoon Yolanda struck Leyte. It's already a month that typhoon victims are living without their houses, roofs and source of income.

Imagining the extent of the situation, it is still a long way before we can finally say that everybody is back to normal. One person losing a house may not be that of a very big problem for the community because that person can still go to his/her relatives or neighbors for help or for some work. But if everyone is losing their own houses, even buildings that you are working, and also the farms and fields where people work for some income, that makes everything worse.

Living with a family without a house is difficult. Where will your kids stay safe while you look for food? Where are you going to look for work when farms and buildings were devastated? These are only few questions that one might ask.

But despite these troubles, and with all the help pouring from different countries, we still have hope. A hope to rise again and become stronger. The government, through DOLE and the local government, is also offering some work for food program which can help in providing some source of temporary income for the victims. This will help in reviving the economy of the devastated city. Some organizations are also providing construction materials for families to rebuild their houses.

Slowly, we can revive the lively City. We still have hope. We have survived the typhoon Uring and we can also survive typhoon Yolanda. Go Ormocanons!